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Planning & Work Philosophy

Planning Philosophy

  • Optimum use of natural air ventilation

  • Prime use of natural light

  • Maximum utilization of space

  • Structure with elegant facade which looks good forever

  • Long lasting environment friendly materials

  • Generous parking space

  • Maximum open obtainable space at ground level with lush green landscape

Working Philosophy

  • Every employee acts with responsibility of ownership

  • Each work is equally important to us

  • Everyone enjoys freedom to achieve highest quality

  • We build each property with a belief that we are making it for ourselves

  • We believe in teamwork with a belief that human power is the most valuable asset of any organization

  • We emphasize on zero wastage, maximum utilization of resources and best quality of construction

  • Every employee is a family member of Sangini and we respect their values and views accordingly

  • We know that a customer invests his life savings to purchase his dream space and we value their dream more than they desire
best quality building materials

Usage of durable and best quality building materials

Maximum use of air ventilation and natural light

Maximum use of air ventilation and natural light

Building our landmark projects

Building our landmark projects with elegant facade which looks great forever

Best Residential Commercial Project Amenities Vesu Surat

Maximum open obtainable space at ground level blended with lush green landscape

Ample parking space

Ample parking space

Optimum use of utilizable space

Optimum use of utilizable space

Legal File

We at Sangini strongly believe that trust can only be developed through transparent & convenient legal process. Thus we provide clear documents and certificates in our legal file; e.g. B.U.C certificates, Airport N.O.C, Lift licence & Deeds.

Technical File

For convenience of flat owner, we provide all sets of technical plans, actual photos and warranty certificates; e.g. plumbing photos, electrical drawing layout and products certificates .

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